Information about our product


Muldrato © is a high quality translation tool for CAD Drawings in DXF / DWG format.

Our program consists of five powerful tools:

  • = Text exporter with an automatic phrases optimization feature
  • = Translation table editing and optimization module
  • = Text importer (translation module)
  • = Text, font and drawings analyzer
  • = Synchronic Viewers (orginal and translated drawing viewer)

Muldrato © benefits:

  • The use of a CAD system is not necessary for the translation
  • Low translation cost,
  • No manual processing and drawing review necessary
  • Reusability of updated translation table
  • The use of translation tables on entire projects or folders of drawings-batch run
  • 1:1 translation, no random translations
  • Selection parameters for keeping the number of phrases to a minimum.

To provide Clients comfortable choice our application is made from standard modules (built-in) and additional ones. Thanks to that Client can buy features that he realy needs.

Muldrato © standard modules:

  • Texts import/export from translation table to XLIFF, MS Excel file,
  • Regular expressions
  • Ignore Files
  • Wildcard in translation table
  • Wildcards automatic generation
  • Live View
  • Advance Font Substitution
  • Multiple conversion
  • Analysis
  • Selection criteria
  • Save as PDF
  • Multilingual output
  • Automatic text adjustment


Muldrato © additional modules:

  • Translation Memory- The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units”. The program breaks the source text (the text to be translated) into segments, looks for matches between segments and the source half of previously translated source-target pairs stored in a translation memory, and presents such matching pairs as translation candidates. The translator can accept a candidate, replace it with a fresh translation, or modify it to match the source. In the last two cases, the new or modified translation goes into the database.
  • Command line


Muldrato © highlights:

  •  Autonomous CAD system-independent application
  •  Translates all texts in CAD drawings (DXF / DWG)
  •  Exports all unique texts from selected drawings.
  •  Ensures translation table-, and translation-completeness.
  •  Creates and updates translation table
  •  Filters and localizes „problematic” texts / phrases.
  •  Provides powerful tools and features to control the translation process
  •  Gives the user full control over the method and content of the translation process
  •  Flexible choice of parameters (for translation process control)
  •  Numerous selection criteria for text, layers, attributes, etc.
  •  Wildcards and regular expressions as filtering criteria
  •  Advanced functions for dictionary editing
  •  Tools for testing the drawing (text content)
  •  Automated dictionary updates
  •  Any language support*
  •  Enormous translation speed
  •  Translation retains the width of original text
  •  Import of existing dictionaries from Excel


There are three different versions (editions) of Muldrato. Below we present the range of the features in different versions:




Translate your DXF / DWG files in just 3 steps:

  1. Choose CAD drawing,
  2. Select dictionary,
  3. Start translation.



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Buy a professional version of text exporter.

It will allow you to i.a.:

  • Optimize the dictionary.
  • Save phrases to the existing file.
  • Select the entire list of files at one time.