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muldrato© is an automated software solution for text translations in CAD Drawings. Unlike conventional translation methods, our solution is fast, accurate and user-friendly. Muldrato streamlines your translation process, resulting in significant time and money savings.

CAD drawings Translation Services.

This service is based on our program for translating technical documentation : muldrato©. It allows to replace the content of text objects in the DXF / DWG files through the corresponding translations. Our service includes all steps of the translation process. Beginning with dictionary creation, dictionary optimization, phrases translation and ending with text replacement (translation).








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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.




1. Is it possible to translate into more than one language at a time?

Yes, the program has a built-in multilanguage options, so that we can generate a number of translations and view them as separate layers in the PDF file.


2. Is it possible to translate the languages ​​of different alphabets such as Chinese, Russian, etc..

With muldrato you can translate from any chosen language to any language you pick. The program has a built-in virtual keyboard, which makes work with different alphabets easier.


3. In what file formats drawings can be translated?
DWG and DXF files.


4. Do I need to have AutoCad to use muldrato?
Muldrato is an independent application, you don’t have to instal AutoCad to use our program.


5. Is it possible to buy a license for several users?
Yes, we offer: single license and server license, in last one you can select the number of users. We also provide Open End license.

6. How program ensures the quality of translation?
The program can export phrases from a file, optimize them and save as a list in MS Excel file. This list should be translated by a professional translator, translation office or you can also outsource it to us. Then, the translation results should be imported by muldrato into the orginal drawing (in place of the original phrases). You do not interfer with a drawing on any stage of this process. Professional translators are a guarantee of the quality of the translation.


7. How long takes translation?
It all depends on the number of phrases in the drawing. Translation of a standard size drawing should take no more than few seconds.


8. Are there any restrictions on the capacity of the program (due to the number of drawings prepared to translation)?
Until now during our tests neither we have face such a resriction nor our clients.


9. What is the price for single license of this program?
If You would like to buy program, please contact us.