Information about our product


Muldrato © is a high quality translation tool for CAD Drawings in DXF / DWG format.

Our program consists of five powerful tools:

  • = Text exporter with an automatic phrases optimization feature
  • = Translation table editing and optimization module
  • = Text importer (translation module)
  • = Text, font and drawings analyzer
  • = Synchronic Viewers (orginal and translated drawing viewer)

Muldrato © benefits:

  • The use of a CAD system is not necessary for the translation
  • Low translation cost,
  • No manual processing and drawing review necessary
  • Reusability of updated translation table
  • The use of translation tables on entire projects or folders of drawings-batch run
  • 1:1 translation, no random translations
  • Selection parameters for keeping the number of phrases to a minimum.

To provide Clients comfortable choice our application is made from standard modules (built-in) and additional ones. Thanks to that Client can buy features that he realy needs.

Muldrato © highlights:

  •  Autonomous CAD system-independent application
  •  Translates all texts in CAD drawings (DXF / DWG)
  •  Exports all unique texts from selected drawings.
  •  Ensures translation table-, and translation-completeness.
  •  Creates and updates translation table
  •  Filters and localizes „problematic” texts / phrases.
  •  Provides powerful tools and features to control the translation process
  •  Gives the user full control over the method and content of the translation process
  •  Flexible choice of parameters (for translation process control)
  •  Numerous selection criteria for text, layers, attributes, etc.
  •  Wildcards and regular expressions as filtering criteria
  •  Advanced functions for dictionary editing
  •  Tools for testing the drawing (text content)
  •  Automated dictionary updates
  •  Any language support*
  •  Enormous translation speed
  •  Translation retains the width of original text
  •  Import of existing dictionaries from Excel

With just 3 steps, You can translate no limited amount of drawings:

  1. Choose CAD drawing,
  2. Select dictionary,
  3. Start translation.

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