How muldrato works


Muldrato © is an automated software solution for text translations in CAD Drawings. Unlike conventional translation methods, our solution is fast, accurate and user-friendly.
Muldrato © streamlines your translation process, resulting in significant time and money savings. It is based on a multilingual Phrase dictionary, which enables the translation of DXF/DWG drawings into any language. It changes only the text entities whereas graphical objects remain unaffected.Manual processing of translated drawings is not necessary because the position and width of the translated text match the original exactly.


1. How to create translation project in Muldrato


2. Integration of Muldrato and XTM Cloud


3. Feature „search”- find choosen text in drawings


Translation examples:

Translation from German into Russian: Text width remains unchanged.

Original drawing:

Translated drawing:

Translation from German into Chinese: Text width remains unchanged.

Original drawing:

Translated drawing:


With just 3 steps, You can translate no limited amount of drawings:

  1. Choose CAD drawing,
  2. Select dictionary,
  3. Start translation.

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