Visual Translator Basic


Program for translating CAD drawings from the Visual series in BASIC version. Easy-to-use text editor allowing for quick and accurate translation of all texts in the selected drawing. Visual Translator Basic allows you to:

  •  Open and view drawings in DWG and DXF formats
  •  Easy editing of texts from the drawing
  •  Preview of translated phrases in the drawing
  •  Optimizing the list of exported texts (e.g. no repetitions)

Texts exported from the drawing are presented in an editable list. The application is based on RealDWG Autodesk libraries, therefore translated drawings in DWG format have a high quality.

Benefits of using VTB:

  •  No other CAD systems are required.
  •  Drawing graphics remain intact.
  •  Translated DWG files have the „Trusted DWG” certificate
  •  Ability to view a drawing in full
  •  Translator sees the context of the translated phrase

Below you can watch an instructional video showing the features of Visual Basic Translator:

The program is dedicated for architects, engineers, translators and all those who create multilingual technical drawings. This program has the necessary functions for comfortable and effective work with texts in technical drawings. However, if you need to work with a larger amount of files, we offer more elaborate solutions, such as:


View of the drawing during translation in VTB:


View of text list exported from a drawing: