Visual Translator Ultimate



Visual Translator Ultimate that is perfect software for translating CAD drawings! In this highest edition of Muldrato You will be able to edit texts imported from many drawings in one place (Translation Table). You can easily use external translation memory thanks to new feature- xliff export. With our Partner XTM we decided to create opportunity of sharing translation table with XTM cloud by making VTU compatible with XTM Software. We encourage our clients to test our own Translation Memory where they can find features like segmentation, fuzzy matching and TMX export.


VTU is the most complex version of Muldrato Software because of extended list of „built-in” features. In addition it is possible to add other feature on request, below we present  both lists.

Features available in VTU:

  • Text export/import to xliff and xls
  • „Search” feature (search for text in drawings and Translation Table)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Phrases ignored
  • Wildcards feature
  • Advance font replace feature
  • Multiple conversion (the ability to translate texts from multiple drawings in one Translation Table)
  • Live View
  • Analysis
  • The selection criteria
  • Export to PDF
  • Automatic adaptation texts (wide)
  • Feature for multilingual drawings creation (each language on separate layer)

Additional features:

  • Translation Memory
  • Command Line

VTU provides quick translation for many CAD drawings in one go. Allows to create a single Translation Table with all text imported from selected drawings. This speeds up considerably the work of translators.

Above we present screen from Visual Translator Ultimate  presenting Translation Table with drawing view.