Visual Translator Pro


Program for translating CAD drawings from the Visual series in PRO version. Easy-to-use text editor allowing for quick and simple editing of all texts in the selected drawing.

In Visual Translator Pro, you can find both built-in permanent functions as well as functions that you can choose at your discretion. This division is presented below in a list.
Basic functions in Visual Translator Pro:

  •  Export/Import of text xliff, xmls, tmx files
  •  Searching selected text in drawings
  •  Regular Expressions- function allowing you to ignore and search phrases using a string
  •  Ignore Files- file with ignored texts
  •  Wildcards – optimization of the list of texts by replacing similar phrases with a string
  •  Automatic creation of wildcards
  •  Preview of the translated drawing
  •  Advanced font substitution function
  •  Integration with the XTM cloud

Additional functions:

  •  Translation Memory
  •  Analysis – searching for problems associated with the width of text, font, formatting, etc.
  •  Selection criteria – filtering texts according to layers, layouts, types
  •  Saving drawings in PDF format
  •  Automatic matching of the text width to the width of the source text
  •  Generating multilingual drawings (each language on separate layer)

Additional functions can be chosen for the basic version at any time and in any configuration. Below you can find two videos showing the features available in Visual Translator Pro.
1. Part 1

  •  Project development
  •  Presentation of 3 steps
  •  Opening a drawing

2. Part 2

  •  Using the list of texts
  •  Inputting the translation
  •  Virtual keyboard (allows you to translate without a physical keyboard)
  •  Exporting text from a list
  •  Preview of the translated drawing
  •  Saving the translation

This application was developed for customers dealing with translation and creating multilingual technical documentation. It was created based on the Autodesk library, therefore translated files are available in Real DWG format. No other CAD systems are required for the translation. We decided to fully adapt it to the customers’ requirements and therefore enabled the purchase of additional modules as needed.